"Big things could be coming to Olean, thanks to NBA prospect Andrew Nicholson." -Dana O'Neil, ESPN.com

"We've played Kansas with the Morris twins (Markief and Marcus). We've seen Keith Benson from Oakland. I would say, if you asked who has been the most offensively gifted. I would say Andrew Nicholson."-Ohio coach Jon Groce, 12/18/10

"Obviously, (Andrew) Nicholson is the most skilled player in our conference."-Xavier coach Chris Mack, 1/19/11

"You let me me take two guys off St. Bonaventure ... No. 44 and somebody else ... and see what happens. Forty-four should be an NBA draft pick. It will be interesting to see if, in fact, he is. But he's incredibly talented." -Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus, 2/16/11

"He's gotten better. He's worked to get better each and every year. He can shoot, take you off the dribble. He did some things I didn't see him do the last time we played against him."-Rhode Island coach Jim Baron, 3/5/11

"I would think that NBA guys would be all over him. The thing about him that makes him unique is that he has a great touch. He's able to score over people. But not only that, he's got great range." -Charlotte coach Alan Major, 1/8/11

"You're not going to shut a player like that out. I mean, he's averaging a double-double right now for a reason."-St. John's coach Steve Lavin 12/7/10

"(Andrew) Nicholson proved why he is one of the top players in the Atlantic 10. He scored 24 points despite the fact we double-teamed him every time he touched the ball on the block."-La Salle coach Dr. John Giannini, 2/12/11

"He's a wonderful player. He's very, very efficient. There's not a lot of rush to him. We always wanted to get a good double team on him, whether it was on the dribble or on the catch. There were a lot of good players on the floor today and Nicholson was the best player in the game."-Saint Joseph's coach Phil Martelli, 2/26/11

"He's Tim Duncan in terms of scoring on the block, but he also has added the 15- to 17-foot shot to his repertoire." -Georgia Tech and former Dayton coach Brian Gregory, 2/2/11

"They go to Nicholson a lot and they take advantage of his skills. He's got a good jump shot, good post moves and hits his free throws. He's a very good player."-former All-America F Ryan Rossiter, Siena

"[He] played the best game I've seen by a local big man in 22 years of watching Division I college basketball in this area." -Buffalo News senior sports columnist Jerry Sullivan (following a 74-68 win over Rhode Island in which Nicholson scored 30 points)

"He can hit you with an array of things, he can hit jump shots, he scores over both shoulders. I love his competitiveness. He has a lot of respect for this game. He's a terrific talent and player."-Ohio coach Jon Groce, 12/18/10

"I'm telling you, it's like he was raised at big man camp. His footwork is just astounding, and that's how he gets those shots ... It's really special what he can do with the ball in his hands."-La Salle coach Dr. John Giannini

"Nicholson is fast, strong and efficient as a scorer and a defensive rebounder regardless of the opponent. He is also a very underrated passer and shot-blocker. He knows how to use his body to protect the ball and has a very high basketball IQ. His long wing span and great bounce allow him to play above the rim."-Unnamed opposing coach, ESPN.com

When he sees the Flyer uniform, he gets ecstatic ... his mouth started to drool he was so excited to see us.” Dayton coach Archie Miller (1/11/12, following Nicholson's 30-point, 13-rebound six-block effort)

"Andrew is multitalented. He can score around the rim. He makes the 15-foot jump shot. There's such a calmness to him that it's hard to speed him up and get him out of sorts. He's seen every defense thrown at him. And he doesn't get rattled. He gets what he wants."-Charlotte coach Alan Major (10/13/11)

"If you don't double-team him, he's going for 25 and 15 [points and rebounds]. I've seen a lot of good big guys, and he's an NBA player. He's probably the most valuable player to a team in our league because of what he means to that team and that program."--UMass coach Derek Kellogg (10/13/11)

"He has phenomenal hands. He killed us with his passing. He's accustomed to a double-team. He can play the 4 or the 5. He's a pro. He's long and athletic." -Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus (10/13/11)

"He's very good, but some of the other guys were pretty good too. What happens is once you start naming names, you're going to leave somebody out. I look at some of the guys that went through there: Harry Moore was phenomenal, Tim Winn, Caswell Cyrus, Peter Van Paasen. They were some great players, but he's terrific. There's no question he's up there."-Rhode Island, and former St. Bonaventure coach, Jim Baron (10/13/11)

"Nicholson's a pro. I hope that he gets the experience of getting invited if there's going to be a draft next year, if that league ever comes back. I think that he has the potential to get his name called. He's multitalented, humble. It's not a lot of guys that can be all-league and all-defensive. I think that in our league, he's almost an impossible matchup. If you don't decide right now that you're going to double-team him and double-team him in a variety of ways, then you're just asking him to hang 35 on you...I've talked to the NBA people. They're still doing their homework, asking about league and guys and I have no question telling them he's a must-see."--Saint Joseph's coach Phil Martelli (10/13/11)

"I saw that number 44, Henry Aaron I used to think 44, now I think Nicholson when I see 44. Obviously a first-round draft pick, probably a lotto pick... the most talented player in the league and a phenomenal personality and very unselfish. Last year he beat us with his passing skills. He has every imaginable skill you would want."-Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus (10/13/11)

"I think he doesn't have many weaknesses. I wouldn't pick out one thing, just continuing to refine his game, continuing to help his team win and more. But I don't think there's one thing I would put on him. I think he's definitely a guy who's going to have some opportunities in the NBA." -Richmond coach Chris Mooney (10/13/11)

"I think he's as skilled as any post player in the country. He really knows how to play in the post, but if you put that big, burly 6-10, 6-11 cat that can't move his feet real well, he'll go out on the perimeter and play like a deft four-man. He's a consummate mismatch no matter who St. Bonaventure winds up against." -Xavier coach Chris Mack (10/13/11)

"If you see him getting pushed down the stairs today I'll tell you right now I'll be the one that did it. The best way to guard him is to see him on the bench) -Charlotte coach Alan Major (10/13/11)

"Any time you get 35 in a college game you're a bad boy. So it really doesn't matter how much information I have on him, how much film I've watched or how little film, I just understand how good our conference is and a guy like him obviously to be able to come to the UD arena and get 35 speaks for itself. From what I've learned on very short notice he's not only a terrific player in our league but I think he could play anywhere in the country." -Dayton coach Archie Miller (10/13/11)